Warren is a thoughtful, strategic product manager, especially in the realm of SEO. His insights, analytical skills and follow through helped maintain its #1 position. And he is an awesome team player.
Rob-Talbot Robert Talbot VP, Marketing MOVE inc.
Warren is certainly one of the guys who gets things done, and in product management that is key. He has an unparalleled approach in presenting and managing initiatives and communicating the benefits to development teams and senior management surrounding the multifarious and sometimes illusive value of SEO projects. Warren is resilient and I have seen him succeed on multiple fronts and overcome barriers that would thwart most initiatives and most others.
Steven-Marshall Steven Marshall Director, Web Marketing RingCentral
Adobe is filled with experts because of people like Warren. Not only does Warren know his discipline in-and-out, but he is able to leverage other functional teams to improve his outcomes and deliverables. As a member of the Web Analytics team, it’s great to have Warren as a partner due to his expertise in both SEO and Web Analytics. During our product launches I have had the opportunity to work with Warren and have been impressed by his willingness to collaborate and create realistic recommendations. The characteristic I like most about Warren is that he is very analytically minded and can dive deep into the data to support his hypotheses.
Jason-Okui Jason Okui Manager, Digital Analytics Adobe Systems Inc.
Warren has been a valuable asset to the SEO team and company. He is patient when working with other people and groups explaining SEO strategy/theory. He honestly cares about the well-being of Move employees and the company. He continually goes beyond the call of duty to out perform expectations. Warren's patience and positive approach has been beneficial when the SEO team has had to deal with unexpected obstacles. He carefully analyzes the situation, consults the expertise of others, and then makes solid decisions.
Richard-Naimy Richard Naimy Director, SEO MOVE Inc
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